This Year’s Puppy Bowl Will Feature Three Adorable Special Needs Dogs

Now that the new year is finally among us, we can’t help but get excited for all kinds of upcoming annual events. The 74th Golden Globes premiere this weekend, the 89th Academy Awards will air at the end of February, and perhaps most important of all the 51st Super Bowl is set to take place on February 5th.

Of course, we don’t consider ourselves to be anywhere near football aficionados and after all it’s not the actual Super Bowl we are looking forward to. It’s the annual Puppy Bowl that we can’t stop squealing about. There’s just too much cuteness to handle and this year is going to be extra special.

This year’s Puppy Bowl roster was released on Tuesday and the competition is too cute to handle.

If by some travesty you have never heard of the Puppy Bowl, it’s by far the best and (in my opinion) the only thing worth watching on Super Bowl Sunday. The event airs on Animal Planet and features 78 adoptable dogs running around and just doing adorable puppy things.

There’s Blitz the 15wk old Golden Retriever playing for team Fluff.


And Daphne the 19wk old Pit Bull playing for team Ruff.


Not to mention Dawson, the 14wk old Jack Russell/Terrier Mix on Team Fluff.


And Alexander Hamilpup the 19 wk old Pomsky also on Team Fluff.


Just look at that face.

This year’s games will also feature three special-needs players including Winston, who has vision and hearing impairments, “but has a sixth sense for the end zone.”


And Lucky, the three-legged warrior.


And the gorgeous Doobert, who’s completely deaf, but was born to model.


You can see the full lineup of adoptable puppies on Animal Planet’s website.

Of course, the internet is already placing its bets.

Because who doesn’t love puppies?


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