11 People Help Explain Why Myspace Was Actually More Popular Than Facebook

Myspace may not be the most desired social media platform anymore, but back in it’s prime it sure as hell was.  If you grew up with it as a pre-teen to teenager it’s about to get nostalgic in here.

Myspace hit its popular peak during 2003-2008, and if you were going through puberty around this time it was a game changer, bringing you all of the feels.  Basically it was a 14-year-old’s dream that involved a top 8 section, glittery madness, annoying profile songs, and Tila Tequila.

The question “What was Myspace like?” was asked on Reddit.  Many of the responses turned out to be way more positive than I’d imagine and they also helped explain why Myspace was the largest social networking site in the world. For a while, at least.

Come join the rest of us and take a walk down memory lane.

1. Damnalexisonreddit learned a lot.

MySpace was super dope to me. I had a bunch of “friends” i wrote back and forth with ppl all over the world. I posted “bulletins” about whatever and my friends from school and other states. Thinking about it i really liked making my own page and learning some code <h1>1 would make the letters different. Theres way more. Like commenting and owning pictures

2. Hotel_girl985 liked remaining anonymous. 

I preferred myspace to facebook. I liked being somewhat anonymous- I still don’t use my real last name on facebook. I also felt like there was more interaction between people.

3. Yeahokayiguess explained it was before selfies.

You really wanted a perfect background and song that you felt fit you as a person that week. I feel like being able to add playlists ruined it, it was much better when there was a single song that you decided defined your page.

Your picture was not supposed to be a normal selfie (they weren’t called selfies), you were supposed to take it at a weird angle slightly above your head.

4. Karlalrak learned how to code.

MySpace taught me to teach myself basic html so I could customise my page and have certain buttons for comments and different coloured backgrounds. Also MySpace music was the shit.

5. Oldfatsad reminded us about the epic font selections.

ThIs KiNd oF FoNt PaIrEd wItH SeIzUrE InDuCiNg FlAsHiNg CoLoR

6. Kingragi added the flashy part.


7. Ssfgrgawer highlights musician opportunities.

IT was a breakthrough for musicians, You had a place you could advertise music and people would find it just by looking for music. Its what helped push the whole “Bands need social media” Things that goes on in the industry today.

8. PhytoRemidiation liked the vibe.

It was kind of like this fun place to check into. It seemed to be something you did actively whereas Facebook or facebooking nowadays almost feels passive, or monotonous. MySpace was completely new.

9. Thanks to __Youcancallmeal__, we remembered how Tom was our first “friend”

It was awesome and better than Facebook (yeah I said it)

I remember the confused suspicion of Tom being my friend because myspace was my first social media experience, I was a young teen and in those days internet stranger danger was huge. I thought he hacked in and was going to groom me until I realised who he was

10. And_so_forth was all about reading the blogs.

I kind of used it as a blog too, and would read the posts other people put up about what was going on with them. We’re all totally used to that sort of interaction these days, but back then it felt like we were creating a new individual space in the world.

11. BasedSage liked the competition.

It was nice… really nice. The whole “Competing to be on someone’s top friends” thing is sorta nostalgic.

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