Guys, Here’s What You Should Say If You Actually Wanna Get Laid

We admit it: getting us in the mood is not always an easy feat. Sometimes it takes slightly more finesse than a bottle of wine and a John Legend album to get our minds and bodies on the same page as our significant others. But a lot of the time all it really takes is a few carefully chosen phrases and we’ll be ready and raring to go! In the spirit of helpfulness, I asked the women in our office to tell us something they wish the men in their life would say to them, and of course their responses were insanely honest. We’re keeping it anonymous, but I can tell you the age range is between 24-32 (aka: millennials).

For anyone out there looking for a “in” with your GF, this is your cheat sheet so take advantage of it. Go make your relationship more awesome by trying out some of these awesome things ladies would really like to hear you say.

1. “Let me make you dinner tonight!”

2. “Be ready in a sexy dress at 8.”

3. “Do you need me to pick anything up on the way home from work?”

4. “I’ve got this; you go out with the girls tonight and have a good time.”

5. “I think my friends like you more than they like me.”

6. “I know you‘ve been stressed- so I picked up a bath bomb and have your tunes all setup and ready for an epic bath.”

7. “I noticed your car was dirty- so I took it to go get detailed while you were at work.”

8. “Let’s pick up something at the sex shop and have an adventurous night in.”

9. “Sleep in and I’ll pick us up breakfast tacos and mimosa makings.”

10. “You have excellent taste in best friends. I love them all.”

11. “I brought an extra jacket- just in case you got cold.”

12. “Even though I’m not a lady gaga fan- I bought you birthday tickets for you and your girlfriend to go enjoy the show.”

13. “Drink whatever you want tonight! We can take a ride share home.”

14. “I love that your dog snuggles up to us in bed each morning when she’s hungry–it’s so cute.

15. “I feel so lucky that I’ve found you.

16. “You‘re the perfect combination of sexy and cute.”

17. “I cannot stop thinking about you.”

18. “Do you want a back massage?”

19. “We can spend the holidays with your family.”

20. “Don’t worry babe, I will do the laundry … and yes fold it and put it away, too.”

21. “Oh it’s raining, I will take the dog out.”

22. “I booked a trip for you and the girls for the weekend.”

23. “Let’s do nothing today.”

24. “I booked a spa day for you, hop in the car.”

25. “No, no- please don’t feel obligated to return the favor tonight– that was my treat to you.”

26. “I organized your closet- so you’d have more space for your shoes.”

27. “I don’t even care that you overreact all the time.”

28. “Did your boobs get bigger?”

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