14 Women On the One Thing Their Live-In BF Does That Deeply Grosses Them Out

As a man I’ll be the first to admit that we’re pretty freakin’ gross. Having lived with only one boyfriend, but a slew of male roommates I can also attest to the fact that there are multiple levels of disgusting that a man can reach. For example, freshman year of college I lived with a guy who would leave dip spit cups all over our dorm room in very busy areas resulting in me constantly having to clean up the tobacco juice of practically a stranger.

Living with someone is never easy, and you often find yourself excusing  the horrible and disgusting habits of your partner because you love them so much and don’t want to be a nag. And while this may seem like the most amicable solution to living with someone, the reality is that you’re slowly building up resentment for the other person by not expressing your expectations. I wanted to know just how gross guys could be from 14 other girls, and what they’re able to look past in the name of love.

1. Smelly Surprise

“I think the nastiest thing my boyfriend does is walk in while I’m showering and start taking a dump right in front of me. He didn’t even ask if it was OK the first time he did it. It had been less than 24 hours that we moved in together when he first did it and I was shocked.” -Caroline, 26

2. Forked Up

“My boyfriend will take dirty forks out of the sink, run fresh water over them, then immediately use them without putting any soap on it.” -Larissa, 28

3. Sprinkler Malfunction

“I think the nastiest thing my boyfriend does hands down is not wipe the toilet seat when he gets some pee on it. He says he just forgets but I have no idea how to explain to him for the millionth time just how disgusting that is.” -Jillian, 25

4. De-Briefing

“He will wear the same underwear for four days, and then use it as a mop-up towel if we spill any drinks or anything in the room after he’s put them in the hamper. Essentially he’s wiping down our counters/shelves with 4 days worth of ball sweat.” -Emma, 23

5. Cooldown Cuddles

“My guy will crawl into bed immediately after the gym, sweat and all. It drives me insane.” -Cassidy, 29

6. Sour Grapes

“He is the worst about checking the expiration dates on stuff. We’ve had milk sitting in the back of our fridge for 3 months before I noticed it was moldy and gross. He just doesn’t pay attention to left overs either and how quickly they go bad.” -Stephanie, 28

7. Clean-up Crew

“My boyfriend will leave his cum tissues in the bed after he masturbates. I don’t even know when he has time to do it but they’ll be waiting for me without fail at least four times a week!” -Heidi, 26

8. Ass-tastrophe

“My guy likes to not wear clothes in the house which is usually fine but we have a really nice couch and he always sits bare-assed and I can’t help but wait for the worst to happen.” –Rachael, 31

9. Dampened Spirits

“My boyfriend loves to leave his wet gym towels on the bed and kitchen counter when he gets home. And no matter how many times I try and explain just how disgusting that is, he doesn’t seem to really get it.” -Nikki, 27

10. Food Fight

“My boyfriend thinks heating up chicken wings and throwing them in some microwavable ramen counts as him making me a romantic dinner. The things that man thinks is acceptable as food is fascinating.” -Angelica, 28

11. Sticky Situation

“I have no idea how….but there is just semen everywhere. On the towels, on the blankets, on socks??? Is this how mothers with teenage boys feel? Because if so god bless them.” -Taylor, 22

12. Musty Move

“The nastiest thing has got to be how he will wash clothes but then never switch them into the dryer so when I open up the washer all his clothes smell mildewy.” -Janessa, 25

13. Bad Atmosphere

“Ugh, I adore my boyfriend but he is a pig. Like one of the nastiest things he does is just leave bowls of cereal out on the counter so the milk is cooked by the sun all day. By the time I come home from work the entire apartment smells like curdled milk.”-Cassie, 24

14. Residual Regrets

“My boyfriend leaves skid marks in the toilet all the time and never uses an air freshener afterwards!” -Melody, 28

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