15 Ways To Add More Beautiful Geodes To Your Life

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (pun intended), you’ve probably seen the geode cake trend all over the internet. These gorgeous creations give us a major case of “GAH!” Which is basically just us staring at our screens and drooling, utterly mesmerized by the layers of sparkles and cascading rivers of color.

But if you’re not planning on serving cake, expanding your rock collection, or crystalizing your lips with these eye-popping creations of Mother Earth, you can still get your crystal game going strong.

Appreciate your bottle of wine just a little more with a wine topper.


Get it at Nordstrom for $20

Build your own crystal geode terrarium.


Get it on Amazon for $24

Add instant glamour to your outfit with a statement ring.


Get it on Etsy for $14

DIY a geode candle holder for less than $10.


Get directions here

Store your jewelry, keys, spare change, and other keepsakes. Or just put this pretty case on an end table or bookshelf as decor.


Get it at Nordstrom for $32

Dress up your home bar with a pretty bottle opener.

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Get it at Anthropologie for $16

Adorn your décolletage with a sparkly necklace.


Get it on Etsy for $9

Add some flair to kitchen prep with a pretty cutting board.


Get it on Amazon for $39

Give your nail tech a run for their money by accenting your digits with a geode nail kit.

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Get it from Wildflowers for $12

Showcase your favorite reads by utilizing some bookends.


Get a pair from Amazon for $17.99

Bring out the sparkle in your eyes with these gorgeous earrings.


Get them on Etsy for $18.99

Appreciate the beauty with every sip from these geode bottom glasses.


Get a set of 2 from Urban Outfitters for $16

Keep your end tables safe from water marks by using agate coasters.


Get a set of 4 from Nordstrom for $35

Make your space boho-chic with this eye-catching crystal mobile.


Get it at Urban Outfitters for $32

Illuminate your path to the bathroom in the middle of the night a lot easier with nightlight.


Get it on Amazon for $11.99

Grow your own geodes, or gift this awesome Crystal Growing Kit to a future geologist.



Choose from 3 color options on Amazon for $9.99

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