Here’s Meryl Streep’s Trump-Roasting Golden Globes Speech Everyone’s Talking About

In case you missed it, Meryl Streep brought the Golden Globe Awards audience to their feet with this stirring speech:

Without even saying his name, Streep called out President-Elect Trump for several things, most notably the time he mocked a disabled reporter

The reporter, Serge Kovaleski has a disease called arthrogryposis which limits joint movement. Trump attacked Kovaleski after the reporter called Trump out for erroneously citing his work in an attempt to back up Trump’s false claim that there were reports of thousands of American muslims “celebrating” the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Donald Trump responded early this morning on Twitter:

Donald Trump is probably right to be so sensitive when others bring up him mocking a reporter, it was one of the only times his poll numbers dropped in the primaries and a poll found it was the incident that concerned voters about Trump the most.

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