15 Must-Have Products For Anyone Whose Car Is A Low-Key Disaster Zone

We love our cars. They get us from point A to B, give us independence to travel where we please, and sometimes we even name them. Like any form of transportation, the ride is much more enjoyable when your vehicle is kept clean and smelling nice.

We know that during a hectic work week and nonstop driving, it can be easy to let things get a little messy, but months worth of neglected crumbs and old laundry, not to mention clouds of pet dandruff, are just too much.

If you’ve ever been guilty of letting clutter pile up in your car, these products might give you the motivation to get shit clean. Trust us, you and your passengers will be so much happier.

1. This portable vacuum cleaner that plugs into your cigarette lighter


Get it on Amazon for $21.99

2. These handy Car Seat Catchers to keep your stuff from falling into the crevices


Get it on Amazon for $16.99

3. A convenient seat back garbage bag


Get it on Amazon for $15.62

4. This Moso natural air purifying bag so your car doesn’t have to smell like fake pine trees


Get it on Amazon for $9.95

5. A sleek car mount for your smart phone


Get it on Amazon for $24.95

6. A trunk organizer for all the shit you have in the back seat


Get it on Amazon for $24.95

7. A pair of seat back headrest hooks to hang your bags on


Get it on Amazon for $7.99

8. This waterproof seat cover for when your best friend rides along


Get it on Amazon for $17.50

10. An Armor All Complete Care Kit


Get it on Amazon for $13.47

11. This premium interior car detail duster


Get it on Amazon for $4.58

12. Some travel wipes to quickly clean your windshield or windows


Get it on Amazon for $7.99

13. This convenient multi-port car charger for all the iPhones


Get it on Amazon for $17.99

14. An important document holder so you’ll never lose your registration again


Get it on Amazon for $5.99

15. This adorable pig that doubles as a car companion and air freshener


Get it on Amazon for $3.47

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