Twitter Is Showing Tomi Lahren What Happens When You Talk Sh*t About Meryl Streep

During last night’s broadcast of the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, immortal goddess and all-around legend Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her lifetime of achievement in film. During her acceptance speech, Streep pointedly mentioned the importance of the free press, and very clearly alluded to President-Elect Donald Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter last year.

The speech was incredibly moving, but was undoubtedly political in nature — a fact which some were apparently too delicate to handle.

Conservative political commentator and unfortunate byproduct of 2016, Tomi Lahren, was seemingly triggered by Streep’s speech, and went on an hour-long Twitter rant (a move which would undoubtedly make our current PEOTUS very proud) in which she criticized Streep for being an overrated “Hollywood elite” full of “liberal privilege.”

(There were considerably more Tomi tweets from this social media meltdown, but I decided to spare you.)

Twitter didn’t take too kindly to Lahren attacking one of the most beloved and acclaimed actresses of all-time. Rather, a considerable number of people on social media decided to bare their teeth and publicly drag Lahren — because nobody gets away with insulting national treasure Meryl Streep, y’all.

No word yet on what Tomi Lahren’s “final thoughts” for Meryl will be on her show (which is aptly named Tomi), but I’m willing to hazard a guess that they will conveniently gloss over the fact that Donald Trump literally mocked a disabled person.

Regardless of what happens, it’s abundantly clear that Meryl will always have champions on Twitter to defend her honor — and even if she didn’t, it’s not like she would heed any heckling from self-professed “liberal agitators.” Streep is so transcendent that she’s like, fifty feet over our heads. She can’t hear what the haters are saying.

Also, for what it’s worth: I would just like to point out that the search term “Meryl Streep” brings up 25,000 photos on Getty Images, while the search term “Tomi Lahren” brings up a grand total of zero.

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