17 Times Cats Weren’t Even A Little Sorry About Getting In Your Way

Cats love to make your business their business.  They have a lovely talent for being in the exact location you don’t want them to be at any given moment.  If you think about it, being a cat is just like being the youngest sibling in the family: It’s hard to argue the fact that they just want to be near you.

Love them or hate them, check out how these furry creatures have clawed their way into your business… or heart.

1. When you need to go to the bathroom.


2. When you’re trying to make dinner.


3. When you need to iron your shirt.

4. When you’re attempting to wash the dishes.


5. When you want to sleep.


6. When your downward dog becomes downward cat.

7. When you want to chill.


 8. When your cat steals your dog’s spot.


9. When you’re working on a seating chart.

10. When you’re so close to finishing your puzzle.


11. When you were going to read.

12. When you were trying to brush your teeth.


13. When you want to watch TV.

14. When you were decorating your room.


15. When you tried to leave.

16. After you leave home for one minute.


17. When you seriously need to study.

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