Awkward Carpool Karaoke-Style Proposal Is Cringeworthy AF

A Carpool Karaoke-style proposal almost went horribly wrong.

Jorge Calado surprised his girlfriend, Samantha Ward, with a rap song detailing their love that took him over a year to write, according to The Mirror. As he turns up the music and begins telling the story of their relationship, Samantha isn’t really feeling it. Frustrated, she tries to turn the music down repeatedly, and at one point even yanks her hand away and calls him a “f**king dick.”

Watch the awkward proposal here:

It all turned out for the best. Jorge keeps trucking through the song, and Samantha’s face turns more and more red as she eventually realizes what’s going on. Jorge eventually pulls over so he can propose on one knee, and she appears to accept as he slides on the ring and bystanders cheer them on.

In the YouTube caption, Jorge says:

Me and my girlfriend never really seem to argue, until we get in the car… I wanted to give us a reason to always be happy in the car! Combine that with the fact she always mocks my singing and would never in a million years expect me to write a song about our story and actually sing it to her…and this was the result! 🙂

Rhymes can really bring people together. Relationship goals af.

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