Everything You Need To Know About Last Night’s ‘Bachelor’ Episode In 21 Tweets


Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was nothing short of appalling. Not that we’re necessarily surprised at the level of completely ridiculous high school-esque drama, but we had hopes that maybe, just maybe Nick’s season wouldn’t be a complete and total shit show. No such luck.

In record-breaking time, there is already a villain who’s getting naked in front of everyone AND a contestant who had previous relations with Nick prior to the show. The producers really wanted to stir the pot this season and all we can say is it makes for damn good TV.

Last night’s episode was chock-full of WTF moments.

On one hand, you have Corinne who decided to take her top off during the bridal photoshoot and had Nick grab her boobs.

She is quite literally treating roses like stripping trophies. She and Chad are a match made in heaven. Ugh.

Then, you have Liz who started to tell her and Nick’s story during the cringiest fake break up we’ve ever witnessed.

We get it girl you hooked up at Jade’s wedding, enough already!

Of course, the one saving grace from last night was the sweet Danielle and her one-on-one.

Tbh, she could do so much better than Nick. Luke Pell, where you at?

Also, can we talk about this whole “To be continued” bullshit? How are we supposed to wait until next week to see how the women react to Nick’s dirty secret!?

No shit! I’ve been willing to give Mr. Viall the benefit of the doubt up until now, but the future isn’t looking too bright, sir.


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