13 People Share Their Most Traumatic Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences have the power to completely change a person. When you come that close to the end and then are given the chance to live, you are never truly the same. Those of you who have recently become obsessed with the Netflix original The OA, are probably thinking about Prairie and her time spent under the prying eyes of Dr. Hunter Hap right about now.

However, anyone who’s actually experienced one of these events can attest that it’s probably nothing like the show. Reddit asked its users about their closest near death experiences and the responses will send chills down your spine.

1.  idkwidd and his sister played a dangerous game.

Me and my sister used to play a game called “say ouch first”. The rules of the game were whoever said owe first would lose. We were both under 10 years old at the time. This game would usually consist of punching each other or slapping. One time she took a broom stick and hit me with it across the head. This cracked my head open and I began bleeding everywhere. My mom sitting in the other room said it sounded like a glass light bulb breaking. I bled all over the place and couldn’t see die to the profuse amount of blood spilling out of my forehead. I ended up with 11 stitches going down my forehead. The cool part was I ended up with a Harry Potter looking scar going down my forehead, and this was right around the chamber of secrets time.

2. cambo_ saved his GF’s life.

Two weeks ago, GF and I were walking around Wilton Manors (FTL, FL) when I looked both ways to cross the street. Cut to us halfway across-and i just have this like instinct or something and i turn and stop GF as this crazy bitch doing 45 in a 25 whizzed by, an inch from us, talking on her phone. Like so close I smelled her ignorance. We gtfo of the street and hugged for a min or so.

3. Car accidents are so terrifying, ctennessen.

I slid and over corrected while driving my Jeep Cherokee. Only time I’ve ever driven without a seat belt. I caught a culvert and rolled the truck three times, came to in the back seat. The roof had collapsed and speared through the driver’s headrest.

4. bardofbabylon could have experienced a brutal end.

Nearly got decapitated. Decided to go tubing in the bay during a windstorm (lots of whitecaps). My friend did this slingshot maneuver, where you turn the boat hard and the rope goes slack then suddenly whips you forward. Well, a wave knocked me off the tube and while in the water, the loose rope coiled around my neck and in a split second I ducked underwater right before the rope snapped tight. We went right home after that. I was done.

5. Sthepker, this is why I don’t longboard.

This past October I was doing some downhill longboarding (speeds of 40mph plus down a one-way road going down a mountain) when there was a pedestrian in the road. I swerved to avoid him but ended up losing control of my board and flying into a stone wall at about 40. The only thing that saved me was my helmet and my spine protector, both of which shielded me from the impact. My helmet hit pretty hard and has a very noticeable gash in it, but it saved my life. I broke my hand in the crash but honestly that’s nothing compared to what could have happened.

6. Tinferbrains had a near drowning experience that gave us goosebumps.

I have epilepsy, and was swimming in my friend’s pond. Had a seizure and went under. If I hadn’t punched him with my seizing arm, nobody would have noticed.

7. I can’t imagine how Sexxbunny95 got past that.

When I was 16 there was an intruder in my home who pointed a gun at my face and shot into the ceiling if he had the gun any lower he would have shot me in the head.

8. psymonprime, that has to be scarring.

I got trapped under the garage door, prior to garage door sensors. I was about 6 years old. Thankfully my friends were inside the garage and hit the button.

9. BreezieDahlia experienced a horrific school shooting.

I was in the middle of a high school shooting. Bullets wizing by, people shot laying on the ground, run for your fucking life type deal. Years of therapy afterward… It’s been 16 years this march and not a day goes by where I dont think about it almost hourly. I will never get past that shit.

10. Nighthawk321‘s story is truly heartbreaking.

When I was eight, my father shot me and my brother in our sleep and then committed suicide. My brother died later at the hospital. As for me, I was left blind and unable to smell. Just type in Ross minor on Google or YouTube if you want more. Info.

11. Wow, pdolts1010 will never be the same person.

This happened last year. My coworkers and I were giving some visitors a tour in a very crowded place in our city that night. My hands were all sticky due to melted ice cream so I told them to go ahead and I’ll just catch up later. Just as I was about to buy hand sanitizer from a nearby stall, a bomb exploded just a few feet away from me which instantly killed 13 people. As in literally a few feet away from me. The voice of the woman who saw her dead brother still haunts me to this very day.

12. Bhikkux, that sounds like a terrible nightmare.

Nearly fell off an exposed stairwell in the south china sea, in the middle of the night, during a storm. no way in hell the lookouts would have spotted me.

13. Someone was clearly watching over sloppystoned.

I had an allergic reaction behind the wheel. last thing i remember was taking a right turn off of a busy street. apparently after i passed out my foot slammed in the pedal. i woke up in the middle of a wooded area, car was in drive and inches from going down a super steep hill into a dry Creek. i barely missed about 4-5 trees, destroyed a few bushes and my poor Subaru. CHP officer said i had to be going atleast 80-90 mph when i crossed over the medium and flew up a step bank. this happened last February on the 13th. TL;DR : allergic reaction behind wheel, should be dead.

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