These Sparkly Vagina Necklaces Are Selling Out Like Crazy On Etsy

They birth humans and bring us pleasure, so it’s not surprising that vaginas have been celebrated by artists for just about ever. (And I’m not just talking about Georgia O’Keefe and her “flower” paintings.) You may have heard about the vagina ornament sensation that hit Etsy last October. Now, there are vagina necklaces taking the internet by storm.

Emily Fitzgerald, an Australian artist who runs the shop Moonflower Creations, started selling “yoni” (that’s Sanskrit for female genitalia) pendants. She tells Huffington Post Canada that her daughter actually called her a “freak” when she made her first one, but she took a photo and shared it on Instagram, because “yonis are great.” (Hell yeah.)

The pendants actually ended up being so popular that Fitzgerald has had to temporarily shut down her Etsy store while she restocks. She stated on her Etsy page that while she appreciates all the messages of interest, “it is near impossible to keep up” with replies.

Apparently, she tapped into something pretty incredible with these stunning yoni pendants. Check ’em out:



Looks like the next frontier for Fitzgerald is yoni home decor! Love it.

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