This YouTube Star Faces Jail Time For ‘Pranking’ Random Women By Forcibly Kissing Them

It’s rare that justice is actually served to creepy men who commit acts of sexual assault and harassment. Usually they’re just nominated for Golden Globes.

However, a YouTube star in Delhi, India may very well face charges for a video he posted which depicts him approaching and kissing random women before running away.

The YouTuber, Sumit Verma, calls himself “The Crazy Sumit,” and is apparently known for pulling outrageous (and allegedly humorous) stunts. Even though Sumit deleted the original video of the “prank,” Delhi police are still investigating him, and the YouTube “prankster” may face jail time for his thinly-veiled sexual assaults.

The original video is gone, but copies of the video can still be found online.

In the video, Sumit can be seen approaching a woman in public — who, by the way, is clearly hesitant to speak to him. After engaging her in a few brief moments of conversation, Sumit kisses the woman on the mouth and then runs away as quickly as possible. The woman attempts to chase after him, but ultimately stops and walks away with her hand over her mouth, looking visibly shaken.


In another instance, Sumit approaches a couple walking down the sidewalk. He sprays the man in the face with what appears to be shaving cream, then quickly kisses the woman while her boyfriend tries to wipe his eyes. Sumit runs away as quickly as possible, pursued on foot by the boyfriend. As he jumps over a fence, he turns back to the boyfriend and flips him off with both hands.

screen shot 2017 01 10 at 11 02 34 am This YouTube Star Faces Jail Time For Pranking Random Women By Forcibly Kissing Them

It’s truly unfathomable that anyone would consider such behavior to be a funny “goof” on unsuspecting passersby — as though an aggressive kiss from a stranger was somehow not frightening and degrading. But, then again, as a man who is able to walk home alone at night without clutching your pepper spray inside your purse, the nuance of the situation was clearly lost on Sumit. Perhaps he should have realized that, if you’re forced to run away as fast as possible, your prank might not be on the right side of the law.

After the video received considerable backlash, Sumit posted a photo to his Facebook page on Jan. 5, apologizing for the alleged “prank,” and assuring everyone that he respects women.

However, it may be too little too late for the “Crazy Sumit.” Delhi police are still investigating the video evidence, and it is unclear what the future may hold for this YouTube “prankster.”

Make no mistake, though: there are plenty of men who view this sort of behavior as “harmless.” They are incorrect. This sort of behavior is an insensitive violation, and it’s illegal.

Sumit Verma is just one of many — the only difference is that he was caught.

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