You Probably Didn’t Even Notice President Obama As A Groomsman In These Wedding Photos

If you aren’t particularly eagle-eyed, you could very well skim over a celebrity wedding guest without even realizing it (unless that wedding guest is Taylor Swift and insists on being the center of attention).

For example: does anything look particularly out of place in this wedding photo? Do you notice any anomalies? Seems like a pretty straightforward wedding ceremony, complete with a tiny flower girl and ring-bearer, right?


That’s President Barack Obama standing there as the second groomsman, ya dummy!

This weekend, Obama (or, as I like to call him, Barry) attended and took part in the wedding of his longtime aide, Marvin Nicholson, to Helen Pajcic at a private residence in Jacksonville, Florida. Somehow, Barry managed to blend in with the rest of the groomsmen and not steal too much of the spotlight.

Although, you know — he couldn’t help but pull just a little bit of focus. He’s still the POTUS for another week, after all.

The wedding was also officiated by John Kerry, to add an extra dose of star power to the whole, surreal experience. Obviously, Kerry was slightly more conspicuous than Obama, since he had to actually say words.

(The ring-bearer, for the record, looks underwhelmed by the entire ordeal.)

Michelle doesn’t appear in any of the ceremony photos, but I sincerely hope that FLOTUS was present — mostly because I like to imagine her tearing up the dance floor with Obama during the reception. Although, at that point, they would definitely steal most of the spotlight in the room, so perhaps it’s best if that fantasy didn’t come to fruition.

With all the extra free time he’s going to have on his hands soon, I can’t help but hope that Obama will get into the habit of intermittently showing up at random weddings and standing as a backup groomsman (just like Tom Hanks, who apparently crashes weddings from time to time in order to pose for a photo op).

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