16 Easy Ways To Add Feng Shui To Your Boring Apartment

Feng shui is the ancient art of rearranging and placing your possessions to maximize the positive energy in your home. And, even though it may seem archaic, it can be useful in any space — even, say, in a tiny-ass millennial apartment.

If studying good chi doesn’t sound like a bag of thrills, here are a few feng shui tips that you can put to use in your own home without having to use a bagua. Implementing these simple tricks in your house can greatly affect the overall energy in your apartment, and consequently, affect the energy in your life.

In short: rearranging your living space could make you a happier person.

Try it out and see for yourself.

1. Close the lid of your toilet when it’s not in use.

If your toilet lid remains open, it makes it much easier for the energy to flow out of your house. Prevent this by keeping the lid closed when you’re not heeding the call of nature. In fact, keeping the bathroom door closed at all times can be helpful in this area.

2. Place red fabric under your mattress to improve your sex life.

Red symbolizes the element of fire. So, if your bedroom has gone a tad cold, placing a bit of red under your mattress can elevate both your and your partner’s sexual appetites (stoking the fire, so to speak). Don’t freak out if you don’t have a ton of red fabric—a scarf or an old T-shirt, or even some sheets of paper will do the trick.

3. Hang a mirror above the stove to increase prosperity.

Burners on a stove symbolize wealth and prosperity, because they symbolize nourishment and feeding large amounts of people. Create the illusion of more burners by hanging a mirror (or something metallic) over the stove, and your physical and spiritual wealth will supposedly increase.

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4. If you have a fireplace, add some black frames on the mantle. 

Working fireplaces are (duh) full of fire. Balance out this element by adding a bit of the water element—i.e., the color black. Since fireplaces usually have mantles, placing your mantlepiece photos in black frames should do the trick.

5. Try to have one (small, living) plant in each room.

While some areas of the house are adverse to symbols of Earth, a small succulent in each room should be fine—and, best of all, it will encourage growth in every area of your life.

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6. Make sure your bed is positioned so that you can see anyone entering your bedroom.

It’s bad chi (or energy) to have your bed arranged in a way which forces you to turn to see when anyone enters the room. Also, it’s just unsettling, which is never great. If you can’t position your bed against an ideal wall, place a mirror so that you can see your doorway while laying in your bed. Also important: don’t position your bed directly across from a door—this is known as the “corpse position,” and it’s very bad energy.

7. Don’t place your bed directly under a window for security reasons.

You will feel constantly uneasy if you have your headboard positioned under a window. The light in the morning might be great, but trust me, it’s not worth it. If you can’t avoid this kind of positioning, place a bit of red on the windowsill as a symbol of protection.

8. Tie a red ribbon around outgoing pipes in your bathroom.

Remember how energy supposedly escapes through an open toilet? The same goes for the outgoing pipes under the sink in your bathroom. The fix is simple enough: tie a red ribbon on the pipe to cut off the energy flow.

9. Don’t obscure your front door.

You want fresh energy to flow into your home, so don’t place a plant or statue in front of your door (on either side). Also, make sure that your doormat is centered.

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10. Try to not keep a TV in your bedroom.

The energy coming off of a TV (even when it’s off) is distracting and can interfere with sleep. Save television for public areas, like living rooms, and keep them out of private areas, such as bedrooms or offices.

11. Clean your windows.

Again: how is light and energy supposed to enter your abode if you have smudgy windows?

12. Make sure you have equality on both sides of the bed.

This is especially important for single folk. Make sure that you have space and nightstands (and lights) on both sides of the bed  — it encourages the presence of another person.

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13. Remove negative symbolism from your house.

If you’re keeping something given to you by a toxic ex, or a piece of clothing you stole from your bitchy former roommate, or have anything that symbolizes a particularly dark time in your life, you would do best to get rid of such items. Not only does it bring bad energy into your home, but who needs the constant reminder of such unfortunate sh*t?

14. Choose a circular coffee table over a rectangular one, if possible.

Rectangular coffee tables are pointy and often send negative energy at your seated guests. Round coffee tables are much easier to navigate around, and therefore have much better energy.

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15. Try not to store things under your bed.

Just like with a television in your room, placing clutter under your bed is going to make it difficult for your to sleep. You’ll get the best energy if the area under your bed is left free and clear.

16. Most importantly: get rid of sh*t.

Here’s the thing: good chi doesn’t come if your apartment is cluttered and full of junk you don’t actually want or need. Whether you need the Kondo method, or a simple closet decluttering, getting rid of unnecessary possessions is the first step in achieving ideal feng shui. So don’t be afraid to get rid of things!

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