This Futuristic-Looking Makeup Sponge May Just Replace Your Beauty Blender

We’ve seen it before: the next wave of makeup sponges that are supposed to make your morning routine a breeze. Well, behold! The future is now and it has a product that yours truly wasted zero time in unabashedly purchasing right away: The Evie Makeup Sponge.

Yes, it just looks like a sparkly blob at first sight. But, unlike the foam that you’re used to with typical makeup sponges, Evie is made from medical-grade silicone. The video below shows that it doesn’t absorb your makeup before application, uses less effort to apply, and has better coverage.

Check it out:

So much excite!

As a makeup and specialFX artist, Evie creator Angie Johnson is someone who puts makeup on multiple people daily, so yeah–she knows what’s up. To get her dream off the drawing board an on your face, Angie created a Kickstarter page for the Evie Blender with a goal of $28,000. Not to raise money, but to actually start taking preorders for her patent-pending creation. The page has surpassed it’s goal, and a pledge of $28 (plus $5 for US shipping) will get you your Evie sponge by the end of March.

[Actual footage of me waiting patiently:]

How is it different from the makeup sponges you’re used to?

screen shot 2017 01 11 at 12 01 30 pm This Futuristic Looking Makeup Sponge May Just Replace Your Beauty Blender

I don’t mean to nag, but you really should clean your sponge with soap and water everyday. You do? Great! So then you know that even a thorough washing does not completely clean off your sponge and leaves it stained. Plus, all that rigorous squeezing and rubbing (LOL) causes the sponge to break down faster over time. Good luck keeping that baby around for the year it’s supposed to last.

Evie’s silicone material won’t absorb your makeup like sponges do, so you’re not spending time at the sink squeezing until the water runs clear. You can just run wipe it clean with a makeup wipe!

But how does it blend makeup into your skin if it’s made of slippery silicone?

screen shot 2017 01 11 at 12 22 21 pm This Futuristic Looking Makeup Sponge May Just Replace Your Beauty Blender

Well, according to the Kickstarter page, Evie’s “Textured surface applies makeup just like a traditional sponge blender providing a perfect blended finish.” Additionally, Evie “Doesn’t hold on to makeup residue that can harbor bacteria and cause breakouts.” Plus it’s still soft on your skin. Hallelujah!

And that wasted makeup being absorbed into your sponge before it even gets on your face?

Less fuss + less makeup used = game-changer.

We’ll let you know when our very own Evie arrives on Berry’s doorstep. Until then, stay #Flawless!

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