There Is A Harry Potter Cafe That Serves Flaming Cocktails, Who’s Coming With Me?

Alright, nerds, listen up: there is a Harry Potter cafe and it serves flaming booze. And chocolate wands.

I KNOW. It’s a truly glorious turn of events. Please form a line to the left.

Platform 1094 is a cafe in Singapore that is serving up delicious food and drink with a decidedly magical twist. The restaurant offers patrons a dining experience that is meant to evoke the spirit of Hogwarts and the Three Broomsticks, complete with actual flaming Goblet of Fire cocktails.

Potion class on my off day ⚗️✨

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Diners have the opportunity to feel like they’re acing Potions class by adding certain ingredients to stoke the flames of their alcoholic drink. Obviously, there are wands to help complete the necessary incantations.

While the flaming drinks are certainly a spectacle, make no mistake — the food at Platform 1094 also pulls out all of the stops.

A dessert called the “Bloodberry” features a rosé mousse and yogurt parfait, compressed plum, berry foam, honey caviar, dark and white chocolate soil, assorted berries and chocolate decorations, including an edible wand. Even without the Harry Potter theming, this sweet plate would be utterly stunning.

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The cafe itself is decked out in true Hogsmeade/Great Hall fashion, complete with stone walls, chandeliers and pillar candles.

Satisfied wizards for tonight cos the food here is so yummy! 😋😋😋

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The whole idea is brilliant, really, and is enough to make one consider a special trip to Singapore to imbibe in these miraculous potions.

Time to learn how to apparate!

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