13 People Divulge How They Cope With Missing Their Exes

We deal with unexpected breakups in different ways.  Some use it as an actual grieving process while others try not to skip a beat from their day-to-day lives.

It’s an upsetting experience but embracing the sadness of being alone, making a no-contact rule, or working out to better focus on yourself are just a few ways to consider starting the healing process.

Here are some words of advice from Redditors that you should really hear after getting your heart broken.

1. FuukingA has a word for the wise.

Learn to recognize the periods of time you miss them as temporary, as they are. Those are the times you need to stay strong, and remember that the feelings will pass.

2. Freevoulous thinks you should have sex.

Have sex. Preferably a more attractive and kinkier one. Repeat as many times as necessary. This always worked perfectly for me.

3. Arkiephilpott stays busy.

Pick up an extra shift at work. Go for a run. Start journaling at a coffee shop. Find a girl that’s fun to flirt with but that you don’t have to be serious with.

4. TheCharmingImmortal has an anxiety cure.

Maybe this is just easier to deal with when you have anxiety. So, here’s how anxiety cures you of this-
When you miss them, just remember the breakup. All of it. The fights. The loathing. The resentment.
But most of all, remember the reasons. Even if they just dumped your ass, remember that they just… threw you away.
Break ups happen for reasons. Usually a lot of them. And, by their very nature, they squash romantic feelings quite thoroughly.
Just pull that breakup back into your mind, and relive the feeling, and then remember the reasons.

5. Incrediblywittyname has an incredibly honest response.

Its a bitch.

it takes time, do everything you can to be active and constructive without them. having a part of your mind not want to move on is a drag but undoing that is not easy for some of us.

i need meaningful connections with others. (conversations, hanging out, friends, etc) build up my self worth (i dont need them), remind yourself why your not with them anymore.

i am not a proponent of distracting yourself by meeting some one right away. that can lead to the same mistakes you may have made in the last relationship. make effort to make it better the next relationship.

good luck

6. Paintballpaul has the ultimate dude response.

Rub one out. Seriously helps immensely.

7. Bivukaz thinks leans on marijuana.

Unpopular advice but I dont care.

Buy some weed and dedicate this summer to you. Have as much “me time” as you can.

8. Inffluenza thinks you should pretend he doesn’t exist.

By cutting off all contact, and pitilessly removing anything that would remind me of her, and by making myself stop any train of thought that starts with a memory of her, even if they are all good memories.

9. Refpuz finds the silver lining.

This time in your life is the greatest opportunity for self improvement to boost your confidence and meet new people. I know it’s hard to let go, I was there a few months ago. Personally I got over it by convincing myself that if I improve myself and end up being in a better position than her in the end, then it was her loss in the first place.

10. TriggsIsMe focuses on time.

It’s been 6 months for me. I started feeling better until last week she started emailing me about canceling our joint phone bill.

I still can’t date anyone. After 3 years of being with my ex I don’t think 6 months is long enough.

I don’t get sad thinking about her anymore but I still have dreams where we’re together or working things out.

The only real answer is time.

11. Retrospectr3 pushes activity first.

Hit the gym, get off social media and go out.

12. RaptorFalcon takes more of an aggressive route

I get drunk and fuck stuff for a couple weeks. Then I get my head out of my ass and I focus on doing better at work and improving myself physically….nothing else. After a few months I am usually doing pretty well.

13. Glowzchild focuses on loving herself.

Loving yourself, as silly as it might sound, is also incredibly important. If you don’t like you, no one else will. I got over my ex by learning to love who I am and being proud of who I am.



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