Bella Hadid Just Subtly Unfollowed Selena Gomez On Instagram

If you thought Bella Hadid had no response to Selena Gomez making out with her ex-boyfriend, then you were sorely mistaken, my friend: the model unfollowed Gomez on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon.

A pretty pointed move, to be sure, but can you really blame Bella?

It all started on Tuesday night, when Selena Gomez was spotted canoodling with singer The Weeknd outside of an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica.

No one was sure how long the two had been dating, but their body language definitely seemed to hint at a relationship rather than a casual hookup. (You usually don’t lovingly hug someone from behind when you’re trying to tell them you just want to keep things light.)

Naturally, everyone was a little curious as to how this situation would sit with the rest of Selena’s friend — i.e., her Taylor Swift #Squad, which includes The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

Initially, it seemed unlikely that Bella would respond to the photos of Selena and The Weeknd. However, according to Cosmopolitan, Hadid quietly unfollowed Gomez on Instagram on Wednesday, sometime around 3:27 pm. Hadid is still following The Weeknd, however, and Gomez is still following Hadid.

Basically: the whole thing is a complicated cyber love triangle, and nobody has any idea what’s going on.

Some suspect that Bella’s recent side-boob selfie is a subtle response to Selena’s scandalous semi-nude photo, which was posted on Wednesday.

screen shot 2017 01 13 at 10 29 54 am Bella Hadid Just Subtly Unfollowed Selena Gomez On Instagram

However, that theory is a bit of a long shot — because, as we all know, posting semi-nude selfies is one of the standard habits of the young elite. It could just be a scantily clad coincidence. Then again, that Instagram unfollow was certainly no accident, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the sultry shot was meant as some sort of thrown gauntlet.

I don’t know, guys. The dynamics of celebrity relationships are f*cking mystifying. Let’s just appreciate these hot bods for what they are, and leave it at that.

The question still remains, though: HOW DOES JUSTIN BIEBER FEEL ABOUT ALL THIS?!

(Just kidding, who cares.)

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