Someone Noticed A Hilarious Resemblance Between Meerkats And Sorority Girls

To be completely honest, I was never a huge fan of the whole fraternity/sorority scene in college. Not to say that there isn’t value to taking part in Greek life, but it wasn’t really my thing. Aside from the fact that the yearly dues were outrageously expensive, I found myself to be much more interested in working DJ shifts for the campus radio station than attending rush parties.

Greek participant or not, I think most people can agree that there are some sorority practices that are just plain ridiculous. One of those being the way they pose for group photos. You know exactly what I’m talking about. If it isn’t a dozen girls posed in the generic “sorority squat,” it’s probably some other obnoxious amalgamation of perfectly polished ladies piled on top of each other.

One Twitter user recently noticed a striking similarity between the aforementioned typical sorority stance and a grouping of adorable desert creatures and the comparison is undeniably hilarious.

A tweeter named Kevin Bergbauer made an undeniably accurate connection between sorority girls and meerkats.

“Is it just me or do sorority girls pose exactly like meerkats for pictures?” Yes, yes they do!

Bergbauer, whose bio identifies him as a college student/frat kid, could not have made a more remarkably accurate statement.

His Tweet quickly went viral because let’s be honest, the resemblance is uncanny and even sorority girls agreed.

As it turns out, even frat boys have their own animal doppelgängers…prairie dogs!

Even though we find these little creatures to be much cuter than their human look-a-likes, the comparison is priceless.

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