You’re Gonna Get Race-Baited And You Will Like It With This New Webseries

Writer and Comedian, Ziwe Fumudoh, is back at it again with a hilarious new webseries on race-baiting. Didn’t think talking about race could be funny? Think again.

“We all feel uncomfortable talking about race.”

We sat down with Ziwe earlier this week for an interview overflowing with giggles to discuss her new series, Baited with Ziwe, and what she hoped to accomplish with a show on such a touchy subject.

“The show is me baiting my white coworkers into conversations that they’d rather not have on camera. That’s why it’s called ‘Baited.’ I’d rather be on the nose about it just so like I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. The point of it is just to all talk about race and to be really uncomfortable and laugh about it just so we can enjoy each other’s company and entertain people at the same time.”

The first episode of Baited With Ziwe premiered Tuesday.

In the episode, Hair, we meet Ziwe’s “white co-worker extraordinaire,” Dan, who nervously sits next to Ziwe like a person who has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. As Dan answers Ziwe’s asks racy questions about black hair, a handheld “discomfort cam” zooms in so close to Dan’s face that you can practically taste the awkwardness on his breath. The video is a 3-minute-masterclass in cringeworthy humor and it’s absolutely delicious, especially this moment at 1:22 where I cried laughing.

“Any single time I can get someone to look to camera and apologize for their ancestors,” Ziwe chuckles “is a crown of glory that my Nigerian parents would love to bestow on me.”

Two more episodes have already been released and Above Average plans to start production for more in the next month or so.

Twitter has fallen in love with the series:

Laughing about race feels important in today’s climate, especially in Donald Trump’s America.

We filmed the first episode the day after Hilary lost the election so that was just like an emotional day for everyone, obviously. We were able to rally and you can’t even tell that that’s the case for the first episode and I think that that’s beautiful and poetic and it’s kind of a testament to the strength of the show.

I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to be race-baited again.

Expect new episodes in the coming months but until then, make sure you watch episodes 3 and 4 here!

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