13 Ways To Get More Storage Space Out Of That Tiny-Ass Bathroom

We all have our morning routines. It’s usually a harried one that leaves a scattered path of makeup products, hair tools, towels, and other “necessities” strewn about the bathroom. It’s like a bomb has gone off in there, and all you can do is shrug and tell yourself, “I’ll deal with it when I get home.” We all know this is really just code for, “I’ll throw it under the sink/in a drawer/in the cabinet tonight when my weary eyes just want a place to take my contacts out.”

As someone who has WAAAAY too many products (don’t tell my husband I said that), and a tendency to never throw anything out, I know what it’s like to carve out every last bit of space you can. At several points in our relationship I have actually relocated my SO and his stuff into the guest bathroom. I’m savage like that.

Here’s a few handy options if you’ve got a tiny space and a slight proclivity to hoard beauty products:

1. Hang a combo magazine rack/tp holder that also utilizes the space above the toilet


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2. Pop out this towel rack that condenses hanging room


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3. Slide in a cabinet that’s slim enough to roll between the toilet and sink


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4. Put up an over-the-door rack to toss your brushes and other crap into


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5. Take advantage of shower corners with a caddy to get all those soaps and shampoos out from under the sink and in rotation


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6. Get around that pesky under-the-sink pipe and stow upwards


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7. Go up, up, and out of the way with a tall shelf


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8. Create storage on your countertop with an organizing carousel


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9. Elevate those items that require charging bases


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10. Swap out your towel bar for one with a shelf


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11. Invest in some clear, stackable storage drawers for your loose makeup


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12. Utilize your cabinet doors to tuck away items you need daily, like your makeup bag, brushes, and styling tools


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13. Or simply just stick holders to the inside of your medicine or storage cabinet doors


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