12 Moms On The One Lesson They Wish They Could Magically Teach Their Children

Although I’ll never be a mother to a child, I can appreciate just how difficult and exhausting the job must be. Even though it varies from family to family, more often in Western society it is the mother who is helping to raise her children day in and day out and instill in their children all the lessons one needs in order to be a respectful and productive member of society.

I often look at my own mother with a deep sense of empathy. Motherhood sounds impossible for the sole reason that you’re expected to nurture, love, and protect human beings who will grow up and distrust the very lessons you’re trying to instill in them. Growing up, I rarely listened to my mom’s advice and the older I get the more I realize how foolish I have been for thinking she’s been wrong. The truth is, children will only truly learn the lessons a parent wants to teach them until they’ve experienced enough of the world to grasp it on their own. For a lot of people, these hard lessons come with pain, heartbreak, and a deep feeling of failure. I wanted to know if parents could spare their children all the pain and misery of learning these lessons on their own, what is the one thing you’d magically want to instill in your children.

1. Self Love

“I would want my daughter to know that the most satisfying the fulfilling relationship she’ll ever have is going to be with herself.” -Clara, 34

2. Bravery

“I think I would want to teach my children to be brave with everything they feel, and to challenge authority in a productive way. When you’re polite all the time people have a tendency to stop paying attention.” -Steph, 33

3. Self-Support

“Make your own money. Never rely on anyone else’s kindness or support from a significant other. If you can take care of yourself you’re the most free person there is.” -Bethany, 29

4. Awareness

“Pay attention to who you’re hanging out with and how others perceive them. If they’re a bad group with not a lot going on, people are going to assume you’re guilty by association.” -Astrid, 28

5. Confidence

“I would want my kids to grow up confident in their own skin and to know that no one will ever look like them and to enjoy how beautiful god made them.” -Maggie, 42

6. Curiosity

“I wish I could teach them to always be learning and to question everything. Oh! And to not always just take their friend’s advice because they want to be cool.” -Rachael, 36

7. Resilience

“I want them to know that it is OK to flail. Any ideas of adulthood or having it “all figured out” are a farce. None of us have it figured out and I wish we’d all stop pretending a little more.” -Roxanne, 31

8. Kindness

“I would want them to know that kindness will always be more important than what you’re wearing or which cool kids talk to you.” -Emma, 30

9. Motherly Love

“I would want my daughter to know that everything I do, say, or feel, is just me trying to protect her from the world. And as angry as she gets at me for it, I wish I could instill in her this knowledge that I’m just looking out for her.” -Megan, 34

10. Family Ties

“I wish I could tell my kids that one day we’re going to be close friends, and it may take decades but I hope one day they know how much I mean to them and how I can’t wait to be their closest confidant.” -Sara, 33

11. Pity

“I want to teach my kids to pity bullies and those who make fun of them, and never fear them because those bullies are more afraid than they are.” -Brennan, 32

12. Leadership

“I would teach my children to embrace everything that makes them different and to always stand up for those who don’t feel confident. Also that they can always lead by example.” -Julie, 31

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