SNL Totally Nailed ‘The Bachelor’ In This Hilarious Parody Sketch

I think most of us can agree that reality television, while entertaining at times, lacks any form of true “reality.” This is especially true for any romance series like The Bachelor. 25 women dating the same man at the same time, what could possibly go wrong?

The show never fails to be chock-full of the usual morally apprehensible drama, cringeworthy small talk, and just all around catty behavior. However, Nick Viall’s season is already proving to be one of the most ludicrous yet. From the girl who can’t manage to keep her clothes on to the previous one-night stand-er, there’s almost too much bullshit to handle.

Thankfully, SNL stepped in to poke fun at this season’s contestants and the bachelor himself, more specifically his beard. The parody sketch, aptly titled Beard Hunk, is so hilariously on point you’ll forget it’s not the real show.

Last night’s episode of SNL featured a hilariously accurate Bachelor parody skit called Beard Hunk.

Half a dozen or so “contestants” take their turns sitting down with a bearded goof and elaborate on their most unfortunate personality traits. The awkward micro-dates and unbearable small talk are so painfully accurate, I can’t deal.

The women wasted no time interrupting each other’s conversations.

And spared no details about their personal lives.

Or their unfortunate hombre.

Not to mention, what they were willing to do to gain his affection.

What will happen next week on Beard Hunk??

screen shot 2017 01 15 at 3 29 23 pm SNL Totally Nailed The Bachelor In This Hilarious Parody Sketch

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