The Huge Cyst On This Guy’s Butt Cheek Will Have You Rethinking Ordering Your Eggs Runny

Dr. Pimple Popper never lets us down. From blackhead extractions to cyst removal, she’s always working on something for those of us who yearn to be entertained by the dermatological arts. So when I saw a short clip of this patient’s procedure on Dr. PP’s Instagram page, I knew it was gonna be a doozy, and have been waiting patiently for the full video.

At first glance one would think this gentleman simply has a quarter-sized scab on his bum. But a side view shows a protruding growth that can only be described as “angry.” The cyst on this patient’s derrière is the most painful-looking one we’ve yet to cover. How has he even been able to  sit down?? Dr. Lee explains that a previous doctor had biopsied the cyst, but did not remove it. Why, we can only guess. I’d want it off me as soon as possible.

Watch here:

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