This Photo With Kendall Jenner Has An Odd Amount Of Legs And It’s Confusing Everyone

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and focus!

This photo with Hailey Baldwin, Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the Golden Globes has turned into an optical illusion that people can’t seem to wrap their brains around.  How can such a simple photo be so confusing?

InStyle’s IG originally posted the puzzling photo

and confusion ensued…

“What happened to her leg?” @meredithkathryn_

“That looks really weird!😱”😳  @lebet0160mum

“There are a weird amount of legs in this photo.🙄🤔😬” @bella6680

until @lexiannhall knocked some sense into everyone:

“Her legs are crossed and the other leg is underneath the dress”

Problem solved.  Y’all can breathe again.

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