Bella Hadid’s New Tattoos Are Tiny And Fabulous

If you want a tattoo but you’re not sure what to get, then tiny tats are the way to go. They’re also great if  you want to hide them from your mom or if you’ve got a job where it’s frowned upon to show a lot of ink. A job like… being a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Bella Hadid recently dropped into West 4 Tattoo to get some tiny tats:


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According to US Weekly, the model spent the evening out in New York City celebrating her mom’s birthday, along with her sister Gigi.

Now Bella’s rocking some little wings right by her ankles:

fly @bellahadid #jonboytattoo

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They could be a reference to her Victoria’s Secret angel wings or to the Greek mythological god Hermes, who was often depicted as having wings on his feet to help him run faster. Whatever their meaning, they look fab!

Bella’s been in the news recently after her ex, The Weeknd was spotted smooching fellow Taylor Swift squad member Selena Gomez. Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram and posted some steamy solo pics, so it’s possible the tattoo is another step in her coping process.

Here’s hoping her tiny wings help her breeze past her ex even faster next time:

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