This Guy’s Trendy 150 Square Foot Apartment Proves Size Doesn’t Always Matter

For everyone thinking that small space means cramped, uncomfortable or claustrophobic, prepare for a change in perspective.  If your home is in NYC, chances are incredibly high that your residence is located in a small apartment.  Living in the Big Apple comes with a heavy price tag but it’s also an incredibly unique learning experience for those who need to learn how to get rid of their unnecessary shit belongings.

If you’re looking for a little motivation to live a more simple life, we have just the guy for you.  Anthony Triolo, a New York actor, mastered the art of tiny-living.  He figured out a way to design his home in a stylish way with next-to-little space, which is why he is going viral.

This Anthony’s unique apartment, captured almost entirely in one shot.

Complete with a charming kitchen…


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and a 7ft view from his lofted bed.

When your bed is 7' in the air…

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Anthony, you nailed it…


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