Everything From The 1990s That’s Making A Comeback This Week

Party like it’s 1997?

Apparently, 2017 is the year of the comeback. Time to brush off your Tamagotchis and break out your boy band CDs because the 90s are alive once again, even though no one asked.

Here are 5 1990s trends you’ve probably forgotten about, but are rearing their (ugly?) heads in 2017.

1. JNCO Jeans

The clothing brand revival of the century! You might have burned all your photos of this baggy 90s trend, but JNCO is back to make you relive your repressed memories. I can’t wait til the kids catch on!

2. Will & Grace

The cast of Will & Grace announced their reunion this week, surprising the world with 10 brand new episodes of the hit 1990s comedy. The iconic show will premiere this fall on NBC.

Steve Carell even tweeted to promote the show’s return:

Classic Michael Scott.

3. Jamiroquai

You heard right! If you never thought you’d hear the name Jamiroquai again, think again! This one-hit wonder band is coming back for some ‘Virtual Insanity.’ Prepare yourselves.

4. Backstreet Boys

This week on The Bachelor, Nick got the once in the lifetime chance to dance with the Backstreet Boys in Vegas. Talk about nostalgia. Now how do I get a ticket to their show…

5. White Men Can’t Jump

This 1992 classic is making its way back to the court. According to Hollywood Reporter, the creator of Black-ish, Kenya Michaels, is reportedly writing the script for this remake and is expected to be in theaters in a couple of years. Reactions to this news are mixed, but the hype is real.

Time will tell how today’s audience react to these remakes, but that won’t stop me from bingeing the classics the second I get home.

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