15 Products That Will Make Your Life Easier If You Have Boobs

Breasts do not come with an instruction manual.

As such, every woman has a distinctly different and complex relationship with her own set of knockers. Even though we all love and appreciate our boobs, we also have certain headaches which are caused exclusively by our mammary glands.

From the woes of wearing a bra, to the unpleasant reality of under-boob perspiration, having breasts is certainly no picnic (and that’s if you remove guys from the equation altogether).

Fortunately, there are some handy hacks and tricks that can help to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with your darling tits. They may not be total miracle-workers, but they’ll definitely add an extra dose of sanity to the otherwise bizarre world of womanhood:

1. If you’re wearing something low-cut, get some fashion tape to prevent any embarrassing or unintended nip-slips.


Get some here for $11.78.

2. If your bra isn’t quite the perfect fit, try a bra extender.


Get a three-pack here for $12.98.

3. Keep your bra straps from making unwelcome public appearance with these handy strap concealers.


Get a pack here for $12.99.

4. Wearing a tank top that shows a lot of shoulder? Convert your normal brassiere into a racerback bra with these handy clips.


Get a pack of three here for $5.97.

5. If you’re looking to get your Kim Kardashian on with a plunging neckline, try a deep plunge bra to help you feel sexy and secure.


Get one here for $26.

6. When doing laundry, try this special bag to keep your bras from getting tangled in the wash.


Get one here for $11.

7. Prevent uncomfortable strap marks with these silicone bra strap pads.


Get a set here for $8.68.

8. If you’re looking to go braless (but don’t want people staring at your nipples), try some simple, disposable pasties.


Get a set of 15 here for $11.99.

9. If you’re out on the town and don’t want to carry a bag, nestle this useful little bra purse in your cleavage.


Get one here for $17.

10. If you want support without the straps, try this adhesive, silicone bra.


Get one here for $12.99.

11. If you want to show off some side boob (but don’t really want to risk showing more than that), try out this nude, triangular adhesive “bra.”


Get one here for $10.

12. Add some natural-looking cleavage with some silicone bra inserts.


Get a set here for $11.99.

13. If you’re wearing a backless ensemble, use this ingenious strap to convert your bra accordingly.


Get one here for $10.

14. If you’re a lady with an ample bosom, try these dry comfort perspiration wicking strips to prevent any unwanted under-boob sweat. 


Get two sets here for $11.

15. If you’re looking to feel a bit more voluptuous (or supported) in your swim suit, try out these specially-made bikini inserts, which add shape and cleavage.


Get a set here for $12.

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