The Father Of Maybelline’s First Male Spokesmodel Claps Back At One Of His Son’s Homophobic Haters

With all the recent talk of “fragile masculinity,” the questions over what it means to be a “man” are more pervasive than ever. Many people refuse to believe that “real men” are anything other than towering, masculine, macho beings who meet certain physical specifications and eschew artistic pursuits.

It almost makes you wonder what year it is.

Fortunately, some makeup companies are starting to welcome men as their spokespeople, and are pointedly bucking the notion that “manliness” must fit within certain societal constraints. Maybelline recently named makeup artist and beauty vlogger Manny Gutierrez as their first male spokesmodel.

Naturally, this news has produced criticism from some conservatives.

According to the Daily Dot, conservative blogger Matt Walsh was prompted to write a post addressing Manny’s fierce makeup skills, and how he was an alleged result of negligent fatherhood. “Dads, we can’t expect our sons to become real men if we don’t teach them how,” he wrote. Walsh the followed up the blog post with a tweet which featured an image of Manny in full makeup, with the caption “Dads, this is why you need to be there to raise your sons.”


Not only is this comment offensive to Manny and everything he has worked to accomplish, it also severely limits what it means to “be a man.” Manny responded to Walsh’s narrow-minded comments, saying that masculinity has nothing to do with being a “real man” …

… and pointing out that his dad is actually quite involved in his life, and highly supportive.

Manny even shared a text that he received from his father, which expertly and efficiently shut down the derogatory and offensive remarks.

Which is evidence that not only is Manny’s dad a caring and demonstrably present father, but, despite all of the recent garbage spewing from the mouths of intolerant people, there are still incredible allies in the world.

And let’s be honest: having the ability to create the perfect smoky eye doesn’t make you less of a man — it makes you more of an artist.

Also, major snaps to Manny’s dad for telling a hater “Good day.”


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