This Feminist Group Protested Topless At The Unveiling Of A Trump Wax Figure

With just days left until one of the most egregious presidential inaugurations of our time, people are seeking any outlet they can find to air their overwhelming grievances. Many are choosing to exhibit various acts of defiance in an attempt to prove that, regardless of leadership, we will not be silenced.

Recently, a member of a feminist activist group in Spain crashed the unveiling of a Trump wax figure in Madrid and spectators aren’t likely to forget this form of protest anytime soon. Mission accomplished.

A feminist activist group surprised attendees at the unveiling of a Trump wax figure in Madrid by sprinting on stage topless. (Video NSFW)

The incident was recorded by Eslang, a Spanish media site and shared on its social channels.

The activist bursts into the middle of the ceremony completely topless and yelling “grab patriarchy by the balls”—an obvious reference to Trump’s infamous sexist speech from the 2005 Access Hollywood tape: “grab them by the pussy.”

In the video, museum employees can be seen attempting to subdue the woman and even try to cover her up with a coat, but she refuses to be silenced.

The young woman had the words “grab back” written across her chest and “grab patriarchy by the balls” on her back.


This isn’t the first time body art has been used as a form of protest during Trump’s candidacy. In fact, the deplorable amount of sexist comments our president-elect has uttered about women and their bodies has inspired many powerful art pieces that utilize the human physique as a canvas for defiance.

Amidst her cries, she grabs the figure of Trump’s likeness by his…well, you know.


Until she was dragged away by a group of male employees.

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But not before striking this powerful pose.


The Spanish feminist group Femen acknowledged that they were behind the protest.

The caption translates to: “Femen just grabbed the balls of the Trump statue in Madrid!”

Fuck yes!

Then they shared this full frontal photo from the event itself.

“Trump doesn’t respect women, and we don’t respect him either!”

Femen has often been an active in the opposition of Trump’s presidency.

According to the Independent, back in November, a Femen USA member carried out a topless protest at a polling station in Manhattan, New York, where Donald Trump was expected to cast his vote.

The fight isn’t over, ladies.

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