17 Cooking Disasters Anyone Who’s Utterly Useless In The Kitchen Will Recognize

Everyone has that friend who absolutely slays in the kitchen. They don’t use recipes and make delicious meals on a whim.

However, not everyone was cracked out to be a chef. While it’s usually a skill that improves overtime, for some cooking never becomes second nature. Despite the fact that these food failures include a lot of trial and error, their mess-ups make for great entertainment.

1. Onion rings that literally fried.

2. This is what she got for trying to be healthy.

Haha um… I don't even know what happened here. 😂😭 #cookingfail #spaghettisquash #explosion #snapchat

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3. Talk about a chocolate melt.

Well that didn't exactly come out of the mold as planned! #cookingfail

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4. Can you see the star?

5. Pizza dough that looks like sugar.

6. When your buns get burnt and it has nothing to do with losing calories.

Some days this just go wrong…. looks like I'll be making more bread. …. #oops #burntthebread #cookingfail

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7. Literally everyone’s worst nightmare.

8. Note to self: don’t cook when you’re tired…

9. At least there is wine.

10. I don’t think this was supposed to happen.

11. When your husband gets distracted.

12. Brussel sprouts and the broiler shouldn’t be friends for that long.

13. Over-toasting toast is a thing.

14. The peppers were supposed to be stuffed, not drowned.

15. #NoFilter

16. When your food rises beyond expectations.

17. Cutting onions is the worst.

Worst onion cutting experience of my life #cookingfail #cooking

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