15 Guys Get Real About Women Wearing Makeup

We all have different reasons for wearing makeup: to enhance our favorite features, hide that awesome zit that won’t go away, or just to make a sexy statement. Most times we wear makeup not to impress anyone but ourselves, and that’s all that matters. You do you!

If you’re ever curious to know what guys think about women wearing makeup, they’re filled with mixed reviews. Some are giant dicks about it, and others you’ll want to high five. Just know we believe it doesn’t matter whether you wear makeup or not. You’re all equally awesome.

1. Meatywood dreams of wearing his own makeup.

As a dude, sometimes I feel like being pretty, but I don’t own any makeup.

2. Wekiva usually doesn’t notice.

I never notice it unless it’s overdone.

3. Dreadgoat explains women vs. fantasy.

My fiancee never, ever wears makeup. And I love it. So I can safely say I am genuinely one of those guys that prefers women who do not wear makeup at all. When she does put a little on for a special occasion, I think she looks weird. I don’t like it. I prefer seeing every little blemish in great detail rather than an illusion of perfection, at least when it comes to the woman I love.

Now for the real shit.

Women generally look better with makeup. I believe most men, whether they believe it or not, would like to spend the night with a woman who is wearing makeup. I like the sexy actresses that wear makeup well. They are attractive and beautiful, and that is all they are good for to me – eye candy, a fantasy woman who isn’t real because she’s a character in a movie or a mask put on by a performer.

Most men want a fantasy.
Some men want a woman.

4. BeansMacgowan likes the “fuck makeup” attitude.

I like the confidence of the “fuck makeup” attitude. Well done make-up makes anyone look better, as thats what its for.

5. TNSGT is torn.

My ex wore makeup one time (and only one time) and she looked beautiful, it accentuated her features, but every time other than this she didn’t wear makeup. It was nice knowing what she looked like, is what I’m getting at, but a bit of makeup done correctly works, too.

At the same time I’m used to seeing girls absolutely caked up with makeup, so seeing someone without is pretty refreshing.

6. Omgwtfidk89 thinks it’s all a lie.

Makeup is just lies you paint on your face

7. MrDick-ins isn’t proud of his preference.

I really wish I could say “I like the natural look”. But when it comes down to it, I prefer at least moderate make-up on a woman. Not proud of it, but it’s just the truth.

8. SickSalamander is not a fan.

I hate it when a girl sleeps over and my pillow is caked in foundation the next morning.

9. SoWhen simply breaks it down.

It’s like this- Guys want a girl that looks like shes wearing makeup, without actually wearing makeup.

10. Farn believes bright is beautiful.

I’m going to go against the hivemind for once and say I love lots of make up. Bright red lipstick, raccoon level eyeshadow, blush, go nuts.

11. RadioPixie is confused.

I read a piece in Self that said over 70% of women wear makeup to the gym, and I was like, “Whyyyyyyy?”

12. AlfredHawthorneHill is all about natural.

Natural beauty trumps artificial beauty. In other words, I want to be attracted to you first thing in the morning when we awaken in bed together. If not then bye-bye.

13. BeansMacgowan wants you to do you.

As a guy, I don’t much care either way.

If you can feel confident going completely without make up, that’s awesome.

14. Attackmodeweeja secretly loves wearing it.

My ex use to doll me up in makeup and I secretly acted like I hated it, but when I went to look at myself in the mirror all I could think was “Bitch I look FABULOUS!!”

15. This user deleted his name but we love his response:

I think it’s sad that women are ashamed of their natural face, and that it’s perpetuated by the media and advertisements. Sure, it makes you look more attractive because its just science that people enjoy symmetry in mates, but it’s sad. Guys don’t have to do it. It’s also sad that women use it to cover up “imperfections,” but it causes more blemishes, leading to more make-up use. As I grow up I have realized that imperfections are the BEST part about life. No one is perfect, why pretend to be?

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