Bella Hadid Shows Off Her Nipples In A Totally Sheer Dress Because She DGAF

Celebrities are beautiful human specimens, and because of this, they often do not share the insecure qualms held by us plebeians — qualms which include, “But what about stretch marks?” and “I’m not sure how I feel about a room of strangers seeing my nipples.” This is why we love them and are fascinated with their antics: because they are the strange alien creatures that inhabit our world and have zero inhibitions whatsoever.

Bella Hadid attended a masquerade ball last night in Paris, which was hosted by Christian Dior for fashion week. And, in the true manner of all masquerade parties, Bella made sure to up her sexiness factor to the NSFW degree by donning a fully transparent dress.

No, really — the dress fully revealed Bella’s nipples (to the point that the pretext of a dress almost seems unnecessary).


Bella also wore a coy pair of “J’adore Dior” briefs under the dress. (Although, again, why be modest when you’re already essentially topless?)


Bella is currently in Paris to walk the runways for couture week, and spent the evening hanging out with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner, and model Eva Herzigova.


Her pals didn’t seem to be terribly distracted by Bella’s daring dress choice, perhaps because the youngest Hadid sister is known for wearing bold (and often risqué) fashion pieces. (Like the time she wore a nearly-naked dress to Cannes.)


It’s possible that Bella is attempting to promote her pal Kendall’s often-touted “Free the Nipple” mantra — but, it may also be the best possible way to shove a middle finger in the face of her Selena Gomez-kissing ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

Nothing says “eat your heart out” like a totally see-through dress, right?

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