Don’t Fall For This Fake Viral Video Of A Botched Kiss Cam Proposal

There’s been a lot of talk of “fake news” and “alternative facts” going around lately, but this stunt really set off our bullshit alarms. It might not rise to the level of a national emergency, but it’s still important to call it what it is: bullshit.

The Atlanta Hawks are trying to pass off this botched proposal as a real thing that happened:

At first people seemed to buy it…

…but then:

It looks pretty fishy!

First of all, the couple is incredibly attractive.

I’m not saying there aren’t attractive couples out there, but there even fewer who had a proposal caught on the kiss cam (except Gucci Mane).

Secondly, the kiss cam seems to linger a little longer on them than it does for the other couples, who just get a quick kiss in before they cut away.

Sure, maybe the guy told the kiss cam operators he was going to be proposing but then why linger on them for so long when it goes wrong? Seems like a dick move!

Thirdly, everyone’s reactions just seem a little too staged.

No way was that awkward Jughead-looking rando in the pork pie hat so excited about a stranger’s proposal that he started patting him on the back.

FINALLY, and most damning, it seems like the Hawks have tried some kiss cam shenanigans before:

I mean, come on! Homegirl just tosses her beer over the dude’s shoulder. Either she was in a feud with the couple in front of them or it was completely fake. That was in 2015, and I’m sure those millions of Vine loops (lol, remember Vine?) were more than enough incentive to stage another viral moment.

Stay woke!

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