All The WTF Moments From Last Night’s ‘Bachelor’ Episode In Just 24 Tweets


With all of the political commotion inundating our newsfeeds over the weekend, it was somewhat comforting to have an escape to the absolute bullshit world of reality tv in last night’s episode of The Bachelor.

To no one’s surprise, much of this week revolved around Corinne and her childlike antics, but rest assured there were a few redeeming moments. Nick took all 15 women to his hometown of Milwaukee and a few relationships really started to blossom.

The episode began with a rose ceremony and the women were understandably horrified when Nick gave Corinne a rose.

This was shortly after a few of the women attempted to confront Corinne about her privileged behavior.

Then the women were flown to Nick’s hometown for another week of dates and Danielle L was chosen for the first one-on-one.

Let’s just say, sparks were flying. We also learned that Danielle has a lot more going on aside from her stunning looks. However, Nick felt the need to share all of the places he hooked up with previous girlfriends and they also “happened” to run into one of his exes.

For the first group date the girls got down and dirty with some farm chores. Well, all of the girls except Corinne.

If only Raquel had been there to help her.

Then, Corinne decides to confront the girls.

It goes as well as you might expect.

Raven has the next one-on-one and is the first contestant to meet Nick’s family.

She also tells Nick about her past relationship where she walked in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman and went batshit crazy on them. Tbh, we couldn’t love her more for it.

Finally, it was time for another cocktail party and Corinne and Taylor were at each other’s throats.

I still can’t get over Corinne shoving her face with food as she talks shit about Taylor.

Tune in next week for more Bachelor shenanigans.

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