The Internet Is Pretty Sure That Melania Trump Is Miserable

Melania Trump is something of an enigma. Her feelings toward her husband and his Presidency are constantly thrown into doubt, thanks to her perpetually stony face and reserved demeanor.

Images of Melania during the inaugural weekend recently surfaced which seem to suggest that the new FLOTUS was feeling a bit left out during the festivities — and perhaps barely choking back the bile of resentment towards her husband. Naturally, the Twitterverse took these photos and immediately deduced that Melania Trump is essentially being held against her will in her marriage to Donald Trump.

The photos feature Melania staring off into the distance with a glum expression on her face, and being left behind by her husband as he walks almost a full yard in front of her. Twitter users admitted that they “felt bad” for the new First Lady, noting that she “doesn’t seem happy at all.”

Naturally, the whole thing devolved from being sympathetic towards Melania to turning her apparent sadness into the “Sad Melania” meme.

Other Twitter users had zero patience for any Melania sympathy, noting that the First Lady was implicit in the controversies perpetuated by her husband.

Still others were forced to point out that a few unflattering photos are not necessarily indicative of someone’s inner life.

Some Twitter users simply think that, even if you don’t condone Melania’s contributions to Trump’s campaign, that doesn’t mean you need to withhold your sympathy from someone who may or may not be in an emotionally abusive or negligent relationship.

After all, at the end of the day, Melania Trump still occasionally has to have sex with Donald Trump — and for that, she earns at least a percentage of my sympathy, regardless of her politics.

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