This ‘Wire Nail’ Trend Is Pure, Beautiful Witchcraft

If we’re being honest, most nail trends have been right on the verge of obnoxious. First there were furry nails, then there were bubble nails, followed by pompom nails — it all became too outlandish after a while. Fortunately, there may just be a new nail trend that manages to be both remarkably stylish and practical.

Eun Kyung Park, the founder of Unistella salon and creator of incredibly intricate nail art, has blessed us all with a new trend that takes minimalist manicures to an entirely new level: wire nails.

Using thin gold wire, Park creates beautiful 3D accents that are meant to be worn on your nail beds with clear nail polish. Park sculpts and shapes the wire using tweezers, and places the shapes on clear gel nail polish before allowing the nails to cure under a UV light. She then finishes off the look with one last swipe of clear nail polish. (Not only does this create a singularly unique look, but the clear polish minimizes the appearance of any eventual chipping.)

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This nail trend is both understated and edgy, and allows for plenty of customizations.

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In addition to the talon-like wire nails, Park also makes some simpler and more subtle options, like these elegant, wire-rimmed nails.

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Park even uses small pieces of wire as cuticle cuffs, to frame beautiful manicures.

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Occasionally, she’ll even create some abstract, Picasso-esque designs.

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Park says that the inspiration for the unique nail trend actually came from neon signage.

“When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering,” she tells Marie Claire. “It’s one long wire that’s bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings.”

If you’re feeling compelled to try the wire nail trend at home, though be forewarned: Park advises you to “keep in mind that since it’s a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn’t get caught in clothes.”

Good call. Now, it’s time for me to try out these futuristic manicures, stat!

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