People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over This Bootylicious Raccoon

Amongst all of the bullshit currently circling the media, there is one glorious gold mine that people are just beginning to uncover. Yes, I am talking about the recently Twitter-famous raccoon who is giving every girl some serious booty envy.

Twitter is currently losing its mind over this photo of a bootylicious raccoon.

The Twitter user wrote: “i’m losing my mind over these buttcheeks … this raccoon DUMB thicc”

Let’s be honest, she’s not wrong. Have you ever seen a raccoon with a backside like that? Is this what 2017 is going to be like? I’m not mad about it.

Obvi, people can’t deal.

And some were just plain confused.

Others were unashamedly jealous. Tbh, us too.

And of course, some took it a step too far.

“If she a raccoon im a raccoon.”

Twitter needs some jesus.

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