People Are Getting Salty About Kim Kardashian’s Pierced Nails

Thank goodness that Kim Kardashian is back on social media — because it seems that, wherever she goes (whether in real life or on social media), drama inevitably follows.

Earlier this week, Kim released a Snapchat video in which she showed off her new pierced nail art. The Snapchat was presumably a sneak peak of a new project that Kim is working on, as the previous photo featured her sitting in a makeup chair. In the video, Kim marvels at her new nails, saying “Khloe would be so proud of me right now.”

Many were vexed as to why Kim embraced the trend, as piercings dangling off the end of one’s nails (presumably) makes going to the bathroom exceedingly difficult. But she’s also a Kardashian, so she can likely afford to have an assistant wipe her rear.

Some astute fans pointed out that the nails were most likely press-ons, though, so it’s unlikely that Kim continued to wear the nails after the photoshoot/secret project/Illuminati ceremony.

However, the real controversy sprouted up when several media outlets (such as the Daily Mail) reported that Kim had kickstarted a “new” trend.

Considering black women have been sporting pierced nails for ages, many Twitter users felt the need to clap back at the publications which mistakenly assumed that a trend is only valid or “new” if it has been recently co-opted by a Kardashian. Kim may have worn pierced nails, but she certainly didn’t invent them, and many black women were offended that Kardashian was suddenly being credited with a preexisting cultural beauty trend.

The Kardashians are more than happy to hop on the bandwagon when it comes to capitalizing on someone else’s idea (like the time Kylie’s lip kits plagiarized another photographer). And, although they’re geniuses at building up profitable personal brands, they should rarely be commended for the creation of “new” trends.

Except for when it comes to exposing Taylor Swift’s true nature — that is one particular trend that I absolutely don’t mind attributing to the Kardashians.

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