Bella Thorne Posed Topless On Instagram And We’re Loving It

For many of us, 19 was an age of rebellionjust old enough to be out of the house, but not quite identified as an “adult” yet—though at times we may have liked to think so. Even celebrities go through these stages of growth and self-discovery, despite the fact that it may seem like the whole world is watching them.

The positively stunning Bella Thorne is no exception to this. She unashamedly flaunts her youthful escapades and we couldn’t love her more for it. The star’s latest Instagram post revealed her posing completely topless and it’s total #BodyGoals.

Bella Thorne recently posed topless on Instagram and people are loving her for it.

I love when you smile baby 😇💙 #vintage #grain #tbt to the other day;)

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Aside from the fact that Thorne is undeniably flawless, her facial expression in this photo is so full of unbridled joy at just simply being alive. Tbh, we could use some of that vibe in our lives. Get it, girl.

This isn’t the first time Bella has marched to the beat of her own kick-ass drum. The Blended star also received coverage for her other lively antics, like “pulling a Kendall.”

The #inspired is giving me life. 😂

And striking a Tumblr-esque pose, just because.

Had to stop for that #tumblr aesthetic 🐛✨#saturdayswag #aboutit

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She captions the photo: “Had to stop for that #tumblr aesthetic.”

Nailed it.

Or perhaps, casually crouching naked by the window of a high-rise.

We’re living vicariously through your free spirit, Bella.

Thorne has never really been a stranger to showing off her killer bod.


Rainbow rockstar 👄⚡️💙 #allwhite #glitter #rainbow #travel #miami #jingleball

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So, where can we sign up to join Bella’s #Squad?

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