While People Were Protesting The Immigration Ban, Donald Trump Was Watching ‘Finding Dory’

Thanks to the recent White House staffer leaks, it has become increasingly apparent that our current President isn’t a fan of books, and prefers to consume his media diet via screen. Therefore, Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to the nation-wide protests over his controversial executive order concerning refugees and immigrants makes perfect sense: rather than address the protests, he decided to sit back and watch a movie.

On Sunday, for Trump’s first movie screening as President, he chose to watch Finding Dory in the White House Family Theater alongside his family and staff — an idea which would seem fairly droll, if it weren’t for the thousands of people around the country protesting Trump’s refugee and immigration ban.

While it’s certainly within everyone’s rights to watch a damn Pixar movie, many Twitter users couldn’t help but feel that the juxtaposition was somewhat cold and callous.

Albert Brooks, who voices the father fish, Marlin, in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, commented on the irony of Trump watching the family-oriented film.

Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory herself, followed suit, denouncing the immigration (though never mentioning Trump’s viewing of Finding Dory directly).

It’s still unclear why Trump decided to host the tone-deaf screening on Sunday, unless it was meant to act as some sort of diversion for the media (a tactic which was only nominally successful, as most of the movie showing coverage was intrinsically linked to the protests raging right outside the White House doors).

Some observant Twitter users had their own theories as to the reasoning behind Trump’s movie pick, though …

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