All The Best Twitter Reactions To Beyoncé Being Pregnant With Twins

Sometimes in life, you actually receive some good news.

Today, Beyoncé managed to send the internet into a frenzy when she posted a truly incredible Instagram photo announcing that she is pregnant with twins.

Somehow, Beyoncé knew that she needed to tend to her hive in these trying times, and has simultaneously provided us with hope for the future, as well as some serious #MaternityPhotoshootGoals. (Note to self: do not announce any future pregnancies without the presence of a green mosquito net and a sh*t ton of Garden Ridge flowers.)

Soon after the announcement hit the internet, everyone’s emotions promptly exploded.

Most of Twitter is, needless to say, ABSOLUTELY ELATED …

… Even though some people are amazed that Bey would even bring babies into the world at a crazy time like this.

And everyone is wondering what this means for her headliner performance at Coachella this year.

The fact that she announced her pregnancy on the first day of Black History Month has definitely not gone unnoticed.

Regardless, all of Twitter seems to be in agreement: THIS IS THE NEWS that we’ve been looking for amidst the gloom of the Trump administration.

Naturally, some folks couldn’t help but point out the similarities between Beyoncé’s upcoming brood and a certain former girl group …

Some fans even pointed out that, while this is great for the world, it might not be great for ‘Yoncé’s continued discography.

But, I think Beyoncé has proven to all of us that she cannot be limited by time, or space, or cultural climate. I highly doubt that two more children will prevent her from slaying the charts in the very near future.

Congratulations to all of us. Because, as one Twitter user so poetically put it:

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