Beyoncé’s Maternity Photos Will Make You Want To Get Pregnant Immediately

World stop.

Yesterday afternoon, Beyoncé broke the internet again (typical) by announcing her pregnancy with not one, but two kids. As you might’ve guessed, the internet lost it’s collective mind and Beyoncé once again proved why she is the queen.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement is now the most liked photo on Instagram.

Selena Gomez who?

Bey could’ve stopped there and we would’ve been happy, but she had to do the absolute most. This morning, she released her entire maternity shoot on her website, including Garden of Eden realness, elegant underwater mermaid queen looks, and brand new poetry by Warsan Shire, an author from Lemonade.

Fans are losing it over the entire maternity photoshoot.

I love my mom.

She even released photos from her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, her mother’s pregnancy, and her relationship with Jay Z.

I can’t believe Beyoncé invented having two kids at the same time. We are not worthy. Check out her website for the full gallery.

Carry on.

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