Blac Chyna Got Completely Naked For Black History Month

Blac Chyna may have only given birth to Dream Kardashian three months ago, but she’s certainly not letting that stop her from stripping down and celebrating her post-baby body.

On Feb.1, Chyna posted a series of semi-nude photos to her Instagram as a way of promoting Black History Month. The snapshots featured Chyna posing like a golden goddess, wearing nothing but some tastefully placed body paint. The photos were captioned with the words “Queen,” “History,” and “Bold.”


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Photographer Orin Fleurimont captured the stunning photos, and Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Chris Boykins created the intricate body paint.

Naturally, since it’s Blac Chyna, people (read: haters) are already finding reason to be critical of the photoshoot. Some commenters felt compelled to point out that Chyna’s body paint photoshoot is reminiscent of a desert photoshoot that Kim Kardashian shared in December of 2015.

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In her photoshoot, Kim also used strategic body paint to cover her breasts — but that’s honestly where the the resemblance ends.

People also pointed out that Kim likely appropriated the look from black culture in the first place, and that Chyna’s nod to the body paint’s historical roots is honestly more conscientious.

Sure, the whole photoshoot is vaguely self-promotional — but that is literally what Blac Chyna does. If your girl wants to get naked to celebrate Black History Month, then everyone should just let her live her damn life.

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