This Craigslist Seller’s Blunt Description Of His $900 Rusty Car Has Us In Tears

All too often we hear about Craigslist scams, from both buyers and sellers, that are just so damn shady. They typically include red flags like the person not living near you, not wanting to meet in person, or requiring payment via a cashiers check.  From ticket scams to phony money orders, you’re basically left to trust your instincts and steer clear of anything that sounds too good to be true.

On a more comical side, this Craigslist seller decided to get pretty honest about his shitty car, and didn’t bother sugarcoating a single thing.

The $900 listing in all it’s glory has already been retweeted by 35,000 people:

And we can see why. The seller has a serious case of CAPS LOCK FERVOR.


And he didn’t hesitate putting his creative writing skills to work to market his product.


A few of our favorite selections…

“This bitch rusty.”

We’re currently petitioning to make “This bitch rusty” the official motto of 2017.

“Blows cold ass air. An wont leave your pockets bare.”

Asking for gas money will actually turn a profit. Can you say “side hustle?”

“This will get you from A to B. Just dont try to make it to C.”

Honestly, the whole post is pure poetry. *Empties savings account*

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