Here Are The Controversial Super Bowl Commercials That People Are Calling ‘Anti-Trump’

During the Super Bowl commercial breaks of yore, the only controversies we had to deal with were the incredibly creepy “Puppymonkeybaby” Mountain Dew ads.

Now, however, the tense political climate has resulted in some rather ballsy and political Super Bowl commercials. Brands and companies that seemingly pander to Middle America are now being accused of overt anti-Trump sentiment in their ad spots  — and in some cases, these accusations are resulting in boycotting threats.

Although, to be fair, the commercials weren’t so much “anti-Trump” as they were “pro-acceptance” — which seems like it’s in opposition to everything Trump stands for.


Budweiser made considerable waves with their immigration-inspired Super Bowl ad, entitled “Born The Hard Way.” The commercial tells the tale of Adolphus Busch, the co-founder of Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, making his way to America as an immigrant from Germany. The clear allusions to xenophobia are reminiscent of Trump’s recent travel ban, and some Trump supporters are now choosing to boycott the beer brand.


The simple-yet-striking Airbnb ad features a montage of multicultural faces, emblazoned with the words, “We believe, no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong,” followed by “The world is more beautiful the more you accept.” Again, though American policy is not called out by name, the overt promise to not discriminate against other cultures or lifestyles seems like a clear anti-Trump stance.


In this segment for Audi, a father’s voiceover accompanies footage of his tomboyish daughter participating in (and winning) a boxcar race. The father expresses regret and sorrow that he may have to tell his daring, adventurous daughter that she will not earn as much (or be valued as much) as a man. But, he holds out hope that perhaps things will change, and his daughter won’t be forced to contend with this reality. The commercial then ends with the car company’s affirmation that they believe in equal pay. This ad might have seemed less political in years past, but considering it comes on the heels of the Women’s Marches around the country, its point seems much more potent.

84 Lumber

Perhaps the most heartbreaking commercial of all was the ad created by the the lumber company, 84 Lumber. The ad blatantly references Trump’s promise to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico, and was deemed too touchy for broadcast, but viewers were able to watch the entire, six-minute-long commercial on the company’s website. The ad follows the journey of a mother and her young daughter attempting to come to the United States from Mexico. Along the way, the little girl collects scraps of fabric and plastic. When they finally arrive at the U.S.-Mexican border, an enormous, impenetrable wall greets them. The mother is distraught, and breaks down in tears when she sees that her daughter has created a tiny American flag out of the miscellaneous material scraps she collected. The mother then sees a sliver of light around the corner and realizes that there is a large door (which we can safely assume is constructed from 84 Lumber), and the two joyously push through the large door and walk into a new life. The words “The will to succeed is always welcome here” appear on the screen.

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