Just Kidding, Kanye West Apparently Doesn’t Like Donald Trump Anymore

Remember when Kanye told everyone that he was a Trump supporter? Remember when he voluntarily met with the President-elect in Trump tower to discuss “multicultural issues”?

Welp, turns out Kanye was just kidding, guys!

According to TMZ, the rapper has recently and deliberately deleted all of his Trump-related tweets from his Twitter account. Kanye is apparently “super unhappy” about the consequences of Trump’s first two weeks in office, and the Twitter cleansing is his method of denouncing the 45th President.

This is a stark contrast to Kanye’s behavior following the 2017 election. During one of his show’s following Trump’s election, Kanye proudly told his audience that he “would have voted for Trump.” The stance was somewhat shocking, considering the time Kanye called out then-president George W. Bush for not caring about black people (an accusation which many agree could easily be applied to Donald Trump).

(It should also be noted that this incident occurred shortly before Kanye was hospitalized for anxiety and exhaustion, so it may be unfair to hold him to these statements.)

Kanye later met with Trump in his offices at Trump Tower, and posed for photos afterward. About the meeting, Kanye said “I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.”

Now, it seems like Kanye is rapidly backtracking on his Trump opinions, having scrubbed his Twitter account of all mentions of the current President. As TMZ reports, “Kanye’s decision to remove the tweets were all his. The ‘Muslim ban’ and other actions were the catalyst for his decision.”

It’s a weird move, considering Kanye could simply make a statement disavowing Trump. This subtle tactic of deleting tweets almost makes it seem like Kanye is hoping we can all just forget the inflammatory remarks he made concerning his short-term political hero.

Oh, well. Who knows if Kanye’s political opinions have actually changed— or if he’s just pissed that someone else is getting so much news coverage.

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